Our group firmly believes that equity and inclusivity are values that are inseparable from scientific success. We recruit diverse scientists from all backgrounds for positions in our group. We will lead and participate in scientific outreach programs in the greater NYC area to provide resources for students of all ages who have been historically underrepresented and excluded from STEM careers, including students who identify as LGBTQ+; Black, Latino, and Indigenous people of color; and women. We encourage faculty, students, and administrators who are interested in collaborating on outreach efforts—both in the NYC area and in the broader scientific community—to contact us (

Chris is an LGBTQ+ scientist who struggled throughout his training with the lack of representation and support for the LGBTQ+ community in science. His group will take concrete steps to improve inclusivity and serve as a resource for students from all demographics that have been historically excluded in STEM. During his PhD and postdoc, Chris has volunteered with several organizations who share these values for scientific outreach, including the Level Playing Field Institute in Oakland, CA; Community Resources for Science in Berkeley, CA; and Project Teach in Cambridge, MA. The DelRe Lab will lead and participate in similar programs starting in 2023.